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About the Composer

I am a potter and musician based in San Antonio, Texas.  I got interested in pottery thirty years ago when I took a wheel throwing class in Austin, and have always wanted to get my hands dirty again.  After seeing some pieces of crystalline pottery several years ago, I knew that this art form was my calling.  I have spent countless hours researching, trying out new glaze recipes, and perfecting my throwing skills to be able to create unique shapes and glazes that fascinate the senses.  My friends at Sunin Clay Studio in San Antonio have been provided inspiration, encouragement, and companionship along this journey.


About the Compositions

I make hand thrown pottery of both  functional and purely aesthetic design.  I am a firm believer that a piece of pottery can be something that you use every day, or something that just brings you joy to look at. I specialize in metallic and crystalline glazes, although I also create many other finishes as well.  My work is graceful, yet usable.  I try to let each piece I create develope into its own little song.


About My Glazes

My crystalline glazes have a unique appeal.  Crystalline glazes are high fire glazes that require extra care in formulation and extra time in the firing process.  The glazes are colored using various elements, including cobalt, copper, iron, nickel and manganese.  During the firing process, the pieces are heat soaked at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours to promote crystal growth in the glazes.  This process takes more time and effort, but the results are worth it.  My metallic glazes are usually the result of layering two to three glazes to create metallic finishes that flow into richly colored glazes.

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Aria by Paul

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Throwing Demo

Here is a demo of throwing a tall vase.  The music is from my upcoming release, Kauai Dreams.

Wheel Throwing Demo

Here is a video of a session on the wheel.  The music is from my upcoming release Kauai Dreams.

Throwing a 14 pound bowl

This is an early attempt at working with this much clay.

Throwing shallow bowl


throwing a tall vase

This is a tall vase that I threw.  One of my favorite songs from my CD Starlight 13 playing in the background.

Take A Listen

This is a track from my CD Starlight 13, which is available on iTunes and at CDBaby.